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Sun Allergy

May 22, 2022 By eternisclinic In Skin
Sunlight is essential for human health and wellbeing. It helps produce Vitamin D in the skin. But Ultraviolet rays in sunlight are also cause of skin allergy, rashes and even skin cancer in some cases. What Is a Sun Allergy (or sun rash)?  A sun allergy commonly manifests as red itchy rash on s...

Your Ultimate Guide to Chapped Lips!

March 24, 2022 By eternisclinic In Skin
Chapped lips (Cheilitis) is often a recurrent problem and most people fall into habits that often worsens the dryness rather than improving it! So why do lips chap? Unlike body skin, the skin of the lips is very thin and devoid of oil and sweat glands which are necessary to keep the skin naturally m...

Your Guide to Happy Feet!

March 18, 2022 By eternisclinic In Skin
Everyone desires a healthy and beautiful skin. We spend a lot on skin care products to keep our skin soft and supple. But we tend to neglect one of the most important parts, which bear the weight of entire body-our FEET! One of the commonest problems our feet encounter is cracked soles. The main rea...

Play Safe Holi: Be wise skin-wise!

March 16, 2022 By eternisclinic In Skin
Will you ever apply something called as chromium iodide, copper sulphate, lead oxide, mercury sulphite, oxidized heavy metals, industrial dyes, alkalis, chemicals, engine oils, powdered glass on yourself or your near & dear ones? Think again! Probably you have been doing the same every year. Yes...
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