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Unwanted Hair

Increase in urbanization and technology has led to increased importance of beauty and physical appearance. In this age of social media, looks play a very important role to face outside world.

Many women feel self-conscious about having unwanted hair on body which restricts their choices of clothes and also reduces interaction with others freely. This may lead to low self-esteem and isolation.

Unwanted hair growth can be any hair on the body which we don’t like irrespective of gender. It can be physiological like underarm or upper lip hair or pathological like in hirsutism.

Hirsutism is a medical condition in which a female starts growing thick and dark hair in a male like pattern due to hormonal imbalance. Increase in sedentary lifestyle, prolonged working hours and lack of exercise and unhealthy dietary habits have resulted in increase in incidence of hirsutism.

The excessive thick, dark hairs start growing at a fast pace over the lower part of face, neck, chest, arms, centre of abdomen, back and thighs. This can have detrimental effects on the psyche of the woman and takes the feeling of feminism away.

Hirsutism can be genetically inherited, or could be linked to excessive androgens or male hormones in the body.  Excess hormones can be related to PCOS(Read More), hormone secreting tumours, etc.

With the latest advances in medical science Laser Hair Removal (Read More) has proven to be the only method of permanent hair removal. It has high safety profile with negligible side effects and a proven track record with vast data of medical studies for almost any body part for all genders. It vastly improves the quality of life. It is far more comfortable and much less painful than other conventional methods of hair removal.