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Signature Medifacials

Your skin acts as a shield against environmental stresses, harsh sunlight and pollution which can take a toll on your skin’s health. 

Taking regular care of your skin becomes imminent for it to continue guarding against these demons.

Our dermatologist at Eternis Clinic with their years of experience have curated signature Medi-facials which focus on reducing these harmful effects and revive your skin’s health.

Medi-facials simply mean Medical Facials, in which scientific protocols and  researched skin friendly products are used to achieve healthy radiant skin.

Our goal at Eternis Clinic is to make your skin glow and to ensure that you leave looking and feeling far fresher and more relaxed than before.

When done at regular intervals, it maintains the skin health and gives back it’s a natural healthy glow.

Medi-facials can address skin concerns in a better way, have longer lasting results and are far more effective than regular parlour facials.

Medi-facials employ latest technology along with high quality skin products which are suitable for all skin types including sensitive one.

We gently exfoliate dead skin cells, infuse brightening actives, deeply nourish with hydrating serums to give new life to a tired and dull looking skin.
It improves tone and texture of your skin, increases blood flow to skin cells and rejuvenates deeper layers of skin.

Our Medi-facials are customized to individual persons skin type and address their specific skin concerns if any.

Anyone who wishes to keep skin healthy can do it at regular intervals as a routine skin care programme.

If you have a function to attend or a big day coming up then also you can plan your Medi-facial ahead of it. Medi-facials have no downtime and give you instant result.

If you are planning to experience the magic of our Medi-facials, contact us on