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Acne scars could be a huge confidence killer when you’re trying to put your best face forward. However, with so many therapeutic alternatives available, you don’t have to accept the tradeoff. Dr. Vijay and Dr Pinanky, the founders of Eternis Clinic have keen interest in scar management and can tailor treatments to your unique requirements, resulting in smoother, more radiating skin.

The dermatologists and skincare specialists at Eternis Clinic are experts in acne scar therapy. Many of our patients seek us in their dire need of help. Most at-home acne scar remedies just do not help, and cosmetics cannot conceal deep and pitted acne scars. Many people’s lives have been transformed by Eternis Clinic’s acne scar treatment procedures. There is no need for you to live your life with acne scars on your face that simply serve to diminish your true beauty and charm.

State-of-the-Art Treatment Procedures

At Eternis Clinic, we provide a diverse range of acne scar treatment alternatives. One of our most popular and successful treatment procedure is our FDA Approved Fraxis Duo, which combines two technologies, fractional Co2 Laser and microneedle radiofrequency, in a single machine to effectively treat acne scars and pigmentation left by acne.

Acne scars are depressions (pits) or elevations in the skin that are left behind once acne lesion is cleared.

They are classified into four types based on their appearance and cause:

ice pick (tiny pits), boxcar (scars with sharp edges), rolling (scars with sloping edges), and hypertrophic (elevated and bumpy caused by excessive scar tissue).

All atrophic acne scars form as a result of loss of tissue after damage to the skin due to inflammatory acne.

During acne formation, oil is trapped in skin pores which leads to inflammation causing damage to underlying and surrounding skin. Once the supporting deeper layer of skin is damaged surface of skin sinks in and forms a depressed or atrophic scar.

After this damage to skin, during the healing process if the scar tissue repair is uncontrolled then it forms excessive tissue leading to elevated bumpy scars called hypertrophic scars.

Mostly severe acne leads to scars but some patients with genetic tendency to develop scars, can get them even with mild acne.

Proper treatment in the early course of acne can minimize the formation of scars by decreasing inflammation.
Squeezing or popping acne can drive infected material deeper into the skin, thereby increasing the chances of scarring so avoid fiddling with your acne.

Treatment of acne scars is challenging. It requires expertise on dermatologist’s side and patience on patient’s side. It is an individualized approach depending on type of scars, its depth and duration, type of skin and its colour.

While it is possible to improve appearance of scars to a level that they are not easily visible and are merged into surrounding skin but you cannot completely remove a scar (Except for very small scars which can be surgically excised).

Improving scar depth, reducing surface irregularities and dyspigmentation and merging the scar tissue with surrounding normal skin is the primary goal of any scar treatment.

What are the Acne Scar Treatment Options?

Several skin creams seem to work on acne scars by bleaching the areas of discoloration, however, they do not work on depth of scars effectively.

To improve the depth of the scar and surface irregularity, treatment option has to be powerful enough to work till deeper layers of the skin, stimulate new collagen formation and remove dead skin layers.

Due to our doctor’s keen interest in scar management, we have world’s latest technology and treatment options available at Eternis clinic.

Laser acne scar treatment

Employs lasers to improve acne scars by smoothening the skin’s texture and promoting collagen formation.

MNRF (Microneedle Radiofrequency)

GFC Therapy for Acne scars 


Thick fibrous bands of skin are formed below the old and deep scars which keeps downward pull on these scars. Subcision is a small surgical procedure where in these bands are broken leading to immediate improvement in its appearance.

TCA CROSS – This involves chemical reconstruction of acne scars specially V shaped ice pick scars.

Advanced Peeling Treatments –

Advanced peeling treatments remove dead and damaged layers of skin, reduce pigmentation resulting in fresh, smooth & rejuvenated skin.


Get Radiating Smooth Skin!

Visit us at Eternis Clinic for additional insight into the acne scar treatment solutions that could be applicable to you, and embark on the journey to a future with flawless and radiant skin. You don’t have to contemplate a world where beards and tons of makeup are necessary to conceal the ravages of acne scars and you get to experience the advantages of technology in this new and contemporary world.

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