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GFC (Advanced PRP) Therapy

Hair transplant

Growth factor Concentrate (GFC) Therapy

Whenever we get wound due to any trauma, many of the small wounds heal by themselves. Ever wondered how this happens?

Platelets in our blood, flow to the site of wound and stop bleeding by sealing the blood vessels, they secrete various growth factors which stimulate new tissue formation and lead to closure of the wound.

PRP (Platelet rich plasma) Therapy takes advantage of this miraculous property of platelets and is used in medical and surgical field for various disorders.

GFC goes one step further and instead of platelets, only growth factors are extracted from activated platelets and are used for same indications.

Eternis Clinic has introduced Growth Factor Concentrate therapy (GFC) is a novel advanced treatment where highly concentrated growth factors derived from your own blood are used for hair regrowth, scar treatment and skin rejuvenation.

GFC Therapy is an advanced, innovative therapy that utilises the body’s inherent natural powers and capacity for self-healing.

Using Specialized kits, Growth factors secreted by platelets are concentrated in small amount of plasma and used for various hair and skin conditions.

  • Highly safe as it is prepared from your own blood
  • Sterile, with no risk of contamination
  • High concentration of growth factors.
  • Pure and acellular means without any unwanted cells.
  • Requires less number of sessions
  • Results are superior and can be experienced earlier.
  • Lunch time procedure with no downtime
  • Easy, rapid and consistent GFC preparation
  • Patients’ own blood is collected in GFC tubes.
  • GFC Tubes with collected blood are allowed to stand for 30 minutes. This activates platelets and releases all its growth factors.
  • These tubes are then subjected to Centrifugation for 10 minutes.
  • Freshly prepared GFC is collected into sterile syringes.
  • GFC collected is now ready to be used on desired area.

HAIR FALL – GFC therapy provides immediate growth factors to hair roots thus helps arresting severe hair fall considerably.

HAIR LOSS – GFC therapy stimulates hair roots and leads to new hair growth from hair roots which were dormant in cases of male or female pattern baldness.

ACNE SCARS – High concentration of growth factors stimulates collagen formation under scars and also has synergistic effect with other collagen induction therapies like CO2 Fractional Laser and MNRF.

SKIN REJUVENATION – GFC therapy helps improve skin tone & texture, reduce fine wrinkles and open pores thus leading to overall anti-aging effect on mature skin.

At Eternis Clinic

For mild to moderate hair loss, usually 3 sessions are done 1 month apart. Later 1 or more sessions can be done with less frequency.

In few cases more sessions may be required as maintenance, depending on the severity of the condition.

For acne scars, one or two sessions are combined with Fractional Co2 Laser and/or MNRF therapy.

Since GFC is prepared from your own blood it is completely safe. All our procedures are done under strictly hygienic environment thus reducing chances of infection.

GFC does not contain any blood cells like PRP thus making it extremely comfortable.