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Stretch Marks

Restore Your Confidence with Stretch Mark Treatments

Stretch marks appear as pink or white linear streaks or stripes on skin and they can actually be a source of low self-esteem and anxiety.

Stretch Marks, known medically as Striae are actually a type of scar presenting as lines or streaks on the skin. They can be pink, purple or white in colour and occur when the deeper skin layer is progressively stretched and loses its elasticity.

They are generally associated with puberty, pregnancy, obesity, bodybuilding and abuse of steroids.

It commonly occurs on the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, back and breasts.

Its difficult to completely avoid stretch marks. But if you can avoid sudden weight gain or loss and manage weight properly chances of stretch marks can be reduced.

Moisturize Regularly – Using deep nourishing moisturizers or natural oils make skin soft and pliable thus may help reduce formation of stretch marks a bit.

Treatment is aimed at improving the rough texture on surface of stretch marks and rebuilding healthy collagen and elastin beneath the scar tissue.

It’s hard to avoid developing stretch marks and even harder to treat them.

We at Eternis Clinic have a state of the art Fractional Laser and Micro-needling machines Which improve stretch marks appearance and reduce their visibility to a great extent.

Various treatment options available at ETERNIS skin clinic are

For enhanced and better results, we prefer combination of different procedures.

Repeated and multiple treatments at regular interval are required to see substantial results.

It’s likely that you will require between three and five treatment sessions to see improvement in any stretch mark that are being treated.

If you are looking to improve your stretch marks, the contact us today to fix an appointment with our dermatologists for charting out the plan of your treatment.