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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Thick and dark unwanted hair can be embarrassing for both males and females and can lead to low self-esteem reducing the confidence of a person.

Traditional hair removal methods (waxing, threading and plucking) are painful, messy and temporary. They need to be repeated regularly for lifetime of an individual.

Compared to this Lasers selectively work on the hair roots affecting the growth of the hair leading to permanent hair reduction over time. Thus laser proves to be cost effective over a long run.

Eternis Clinic brings you an advanced USFDA approved laser technology which is helping many achieve their dream of having a hair free skin and improving their quality of life.

Hair removal lasers work by selectively targeting the pigment in the hair roots thus reducing its capacity to regrow in future.

With Latest cutting-edge technology used at Eternis clinic, every individual with unwanted hair can undergo Laser hair removal. As laser focuses on the pigment in the hair roots, grey or white hair does not respond to laser hair removal. Darker and thicker hair responds the best.

Suitability of a laser for your skin and hair will be assessed by our expert Dermatologists before going on to the treatment.

Laser light is delivered through a hand piece of a Laser machine in fractions of a second. This feels as warmth in the treatment area.

To make treatment utmost comfortable, during laser treatment we apply a cooling gel on the area to be treated. The inbuilt cooling system of our laser machine further cools the treatment area. Most of our patients who undergo laser for first time are pleasantly surprised to find laser hair removal much more comfortable than waxing or threading.

Redness or mild swelling might be seen immediately after laser therapy which subsides in some time. In some patients pigmentary changes like hypo or hyper-pigmentation might occur which can last for few weeks but is reversible.

Strict Sun protection is must before and after the procedure to avoid pigmentary changes.

Waxing, plucking or threading should be avoided during the whole course of laser hair removal.

In between treatments regrown hair can be shaved with a razor or cut with scissors.

Hair grows in cycle and all the hairs are in different phase of growth cycle. Laser light damages only hair which is in growing phase. That is the reason one needs several treatments to target all of the hair in its active growth phase.

Due to individual variations in skin and hair type, some people get good results in 3-4 sessions while others might require more than 6 to 8 sessions. Results also vary depending on the site to be treated and underlying hormonal disorders present. (Like PCOS)

Laser hair removal is being used all over world since many years without any long-term side effects.

  • Relatively painless and more comfortable than conventional methods
  • No downtime post procedure
  • Reduces Thickness and growth rate of hair (No other method can do this)
  • Longer hair free period between sessions thus improving quality of life
  • Makes you look and feel better thus Improves self confidence
  • Freedom to wear what you like
  • Relief from Ingrown hair (Strawberry skin) and folliculitis