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Trichology and Cosmetology Consultation

Trichology Introduction

Hair is perceived as a sign of vitality and youthfulness. While having thick shiny bouncy hair builds your image and confidence, hair loss generates feelings of low self-esteem and anxiety from a perception of diminished attractiveness. Trichology is a subspecialty of dermatology which deals with study of anatomy, physiology and disorders of hair and scalp. This term is derived from the Greek word Trikhos meaning hair. Dermatologists are academically trained to diagnose Hair and scalp disorders and manage them efficiently.

An average scalp contains about 100,000 hairs. 80-90% of which is in active growing phase, 8-9% is in transition phase from growing to resting phase and only about1% is in resting phase which falls off daily while combing, shampooing etc. That is why trichologists consider hair fall of approximately 100 per day as normal.

Cosmetic Dermatology

What are professional peels & how do they work?

Peeling is a procedure in which concentrated extracts from certain plants or fruits are applied to your skin to enhance the appearance of the skin. This solution when applied to skin causes exfoliation of dead and damaged layers of skin to reveal fresh and glowing skin underneath. It also stimulates deeper dermal tissue leading to newer collagen formation and regeneration of skin.

What are chemical peels used for?
  • Acne & Acne scars
  • Skin Pigmentation – Melasma, Tanning, Freckles, Dark elbow & knees, Pigmented underarms
  • Fine wrinkles
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Under eye dark circles
  • Dark Lips
  • Dull lusterless skin