Care Of Skin In Rainy Season !


It’s the season of rains, so while you enjoy it over hot pakoda and chai, it’s also important to take care of your skin. Let us go through some of the common myths about skin care in this season and also some tips to take care of your skin so that it remains healthy and glowing!

Myth – Now that the summer is over, I can ditch that sunscreen!

Fact – No matter how clouded the sky is, the fact is that almost 70% of ultra violet rays are still filtered through them and reach the earth. And these UV rays are responsible for tanning, pigmentation & early aging. So no matter what the weather is, always wear your sunscreens especially the ones which are water-resistant.

Myth – I need to use an anti-bacterial soap as I am exposed to lot of dirty water.

Fact – Apart from killing the harmful germs, anti-septic soaps also kill the protective harmless bacteria, present normally on the skin surface. This exposes the skin to various fungal infections especially on feet and groin areas. So unless an antiseptic soap is specifically prescribed by your dermatologist, the best one to use for daily care is pH balanced soap or body wash.

Tips for monsoon care:

Cleaning feet regularly especially between toes and drying them well protects the skin from harmful fungal and bacterial diseases (athlete’s foot), which are very common in this season.

Taking bath twice daily and immediate moisturizing following it will keep skin supple and soft.

Avoid taking hot water baths for long as it tends to dry the skin. Prefer lukewarm water.

Getting hair wet in the rains exposes the hair to pollutants and weakens hair shaft making it dry and unruly. Using a leave-on serum forms a protective coating on the hair and prevents breakage.

Chemical peels exfoliate the dead and dull layers of skin and rejuvenate it. They help in removing tanning caused during summers and that’s why monsoon is the best weather to go for peels.

Enjoy the monsoons!

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